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-  Each of them...
-  Each of them gave me €5
-  Each to his own!
-  Eagles do not breed doves
-  Earn €3,000 gross per month
-  Earn peanuts
-  Earn so much a month
-  Ease
-  Easy come, easy go
-  Easy does it!
-  Eat a cracker
-  Eat a great amount
-  Eat a mint
-  Eat celeriac
-  Eat celery
-  Eat crow
-  Eat fatty foods
-  Eat greedily
-  Eat heartily
-  Eat humbe pie
-  Eat in the canteen
-  Eat junk food
-  Eat like a bird
-  Eat like a horse
-  Eat one's fill
-  Eat properly
-  Eat spaghetti bologneses
-  Economize on heating
-  Either he is sick, or he is crazy
-  Embellish something with...
-  Embrace someone
-  Embroider the truth
-  Emotions are running very high!
-  Enable someone to enjoy advantages
-  Encourage young talent
-  End up in prison
-  End up in the ditch
-  End with a flourish
-  Endorse...
-  Enforce
-  Enjoy a freshly-squeezed lemon juice
-  Enjoy a vol-au-vent filled with chopped sweetbreads in a rich sauce
-  Enjoy apple turnovers
-  Enjoy chatting with one's neighbours
-  Enjoy your meal!
-  Enliven a story with anecdotes
-  Enough is enough!
-  Enquire at the office!
-  Enter a fitting room
-  Enter into an alliance with a country
-  Enter your PIN number
-  Enter your postcode
-  Enter your secret code
-  Enter your zip code
-  Entrust someone with the job of doing something
-  Equip oneself with something
-  Establish an overall ranking
-  Eventually make up one's mind
-  Every cloud has a silver lining
-  Every day...
-  Every dog has his day
-  Every Jack has his Jill
-  Every law has a loophole
-  Every man for himself
-  Every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost
-  Every man's censure is first moulded in his own nature
-  Everybody is desperate to get hold of her latest album!
-  Everybody is desperate to get hold of his latest album!
-  Everything has its day
-  Everything has its time
-  Everything in good time
-  Everything in its own time
-  Everything is back to normal again!
-  Everything is settled!
-  Everything went off smoothly!
-  Everything will work out all right
-  Exact change only please
-  Excuse me, officer!
-  Expand
-  Expand one's circle of friends
-  Expand one's rib cage with each breath
-  Expect better of a pupil
-  Expect better of someone
-  Expect something
-  Expect something from somebody
-  Expect something from something
-  Except that...
-  Expect things to fall into one's lap
-  Exploit an open cut mine
-  Exploit an opencast mine

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