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-  Nag someone constantly
-  Name a scapegoat
-  Nature will have her course
-  Near his apartment...
-  Near his flat...
-  Near his house...
-  Nearly bust a gut doing something
-  Necessity is the mother of invention
-  Necessity knows no laws
-  Need...
-  Need a change of air
-  Need peace and quiet to work
-  Need to let off steam
-  Neglect something
-  Neither do I!
-  Neither does she, for that matter
-  Neither has she, for that matter
-  Neither is she, for that matter
-  Nestle in someone's arms
-  Never cast a clout till May is out
-  Never do things by halves
-  Never in a million years!
-  Never listen to a word someone says
-  Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today
-  Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
-  Never question anything
-  Never say never
-  Never stop...
-  Next, I want to...
-  Nip in the bud
-  No dice!
-  No dogs allowed
-  No hard feelings!
-  No man is a prophet in his own land
-  No man is wise at all times
-  No matter what you do...
-  No news is good news
-  No news, good news
-  No one dared say a word
-  No pain no gain
-  No problem!
-  No score at half time
-  No sooner said than done
-  No sweat!
-  No swimming
-  No vacancies
-  No way!
-  Nobody asked your opinion!
-  Nobody else...
-  Nod a greeting to someone
-  Nod in agreement
-  Nod to someone
-  None of our children...
-  Nose someone out
-  Nose to tail
-  Not far from here
-  Not many...
-  Not much...
-  Not really...
-  Nothing but is good for something
-  Nothing doing!
-  Nothing else
-  Nothing new!
-  Nothing suss there!
-  Nothing ventured, nothing gained
-  Notice something
-  Notice that...
-  Notify someone
-  Now that we are all here...
-  Now we are getting there!
-  Now, he has made up his mind!
-  Now, I have got a better idea!
-  Now, that really does surprise me!
-  Now, you are going too far!
-  Nowadays
-  Nuts to you!

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