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-  Obtain a certified copy
-  Obtain redress
-  Obtain something through cunning
-  Occur constantly
-  Of course she will come!
-  Of one accord...
-  Offer someone one's services
-  Oh heck!
-  Oh, I am sorry!
-  Oh, one more thing...
-  Oh, sorry!
-  OK!
-  OK?
-  OK, fine!
-  OK, let's get cracking!
-  Old birds are not caught with chaff
-  Old fart!
-  Old fogey!
-  Old fuddy-duddy!
-  Old habits die hard
-  On a beautiful summer night
-  On both sides of the page
-  On condition that...
-  On her own initiative
-  On his own initiative
-  On one condition...
-  On principle
-  On that subject...
-  On the borders of Brittany and Vendée...
-  On the borders of dream and reality...
-  On the closing date...
-  On the corner of this street...
-  On the other side of...
-  On the other side of the street...
-  On the port side!
-  On the principle as the QR code...
-  On the verge of despair...
-  On the verge of tears...
-  On top of these expenses there are taxes
-  Once bitten, twice shy
-  Once in while does no harm
-  Once is no rule
-  One good turn deserves another
-  One is never too old to learn
-  One man's meat is another man's poison
-  One month ago
-  One move and I will shoot!
-  One must choose the lesser of two evils
-  One of the great authorities on the subject...
-  One thing leading to another
-  One week in advance
-  Only make a brief appearance
-  Open Pandora's box
-  Open something with a knife
-  Open the stairwell door
-  Open up a can of worms
-  Open up the way
-  Open with a mouse click
-  Operate the controls
-  Opinion is divided
-  Orally
-  Order a capuccino
-  Order a coffee
-  Order a coffee sundae
-  Order a milky coffee
-  Order firewood
-  Order someone to do something
-  Ordinarily...
-  Organize a fund-raising event
-  Organize a summit meeting
-  Ostracize
-  Other days, other ways
-  Other than...
-  Other times, other manners
-  Other times, other ways
-  Others...
-  Our best wishes for a speedy recovery!
-  Our coastline is disappearing under concrete
-  Our energy requirements...
-  Our lifestyles are poles apart
-  Out of sight, out of mind
-  Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings
-  Outclass someone
-  Over and over again
-  Over my dead body!
-  Overburden someone with work
-  Overexert oneself
-  Overlap
-  Overstep the mark
-  Overwhelmed with grief...

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