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-  Umpire
-  Under no circumstances
-  Under the action of frost...
-  Under these conditions, I...
-  Undergo a MOT
-  Undergo an inspection
-  Undergo one's baptism of fire
-  Union is strength
-  United we stand, divided we fall
-  Unity is strength
-  Unless otherwise directed...
-  Unless otherwise informed
-  Unless otherwise stated
-  Unlike the others...
-  Unscrambled
-  Unseen, unrued
-  Until further notice
-  Up to a point
-  Upgrade someone's seat to first class
-  Use...
-  Use a body scrub
-  Use a correcting fluid
-  Use a facial scrub
-  Use a fire hydrant
-  Use a luncheon voucher
-  Use a meal ticket
-  Use a pair of dividers
-  Use a shopbot
-  Use a spellchecker
-  Use a string of...
-  Use a time bomb
-  Use a verb in the conditional
-  Use an atom bomb
-  Use an exercise book
-  Use an H-bomb
-  Use coal for heating
-  Use deodorant spray
-  Use insect spray
-  Use methods of contraception
-  Use one's charm on someone
-  Use one's hands to express oneself
-  Use one's head
-  Use other means of communication
-  Use recent discoveries to...
-  Use something as a jewel box
-  Use sparingly
-  Use the freezer compartment
-  Use tracing paper
-  Use up the leftovers
-  Use wood for heating
-  Users of electric heating...
-  Users of gas heating...

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